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Three Options for Video Capture for Distance Learning - from MootIEUK20!

This blog post sheds light on using video capture for online learning. We revisit three on-demand presentations from the UK & Ireland Moot 2020!

Distance Learning with BigBlueButton

Jesus Federico, a senior developer for BigBlueButton, speaks about increasing student engagement in online virtual classes in this session. Jesus Federico covered how to use BigBlueButton in virtual office hours, group collaboration and for a full online class.

Labs in a time of Covid with UNICAM Labs

CEO of UNICAM Noel Mulkeen demonstrated UNICAM Labs, a UNICAM project in collaboration with DCU that used video to give an on-campus lab experience to students studying remotely.

Lean-Forward Learning Experiences with Video with Kaltura

Kaltura’s VP for Product Strategy Jeff Rubenstein highlighted the importance of changing the passive online experience into an active one for students learning remotely. The presentation discussed Kaltura’s ‘Learn-forward’ approach to enhancing the video captures for online learning.

These were just a few of some of the great sessions from the first online UK & Ireland Moodlemoot. Have something you would like to add? MootIEUK21 will happen from May 10 – 12 this year! Registration to attend MootIEUK21 & submission to present are now open. Come join us and be a part of it all!