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Three Sessions for Enhancing Student Experience from MootIEUK 2020

This blog post revisits three of the popular sessions under the topic ‘The Student Experience’ recorded for The UK & Ireland Moodlemoot, 2020.

Tell Me What You Really See... Using an Inquiry Graphics Framework to Explore the Meaning Behind the Images We Choose for our Moodle Courses.

In this presentation, Geraldine McDermott from Athlone Institute of Technology uses an Inquiry Graphics Framework to explore the visual identity behind the images we choose to display on Moodle course pages.

Geraldine explores the semiotic values of images, calling us to reflect on the meaning behind the selection process for choosing images for your Moodle site and whether those images effectively communicate the intended message.

Creating an Engaging Moodle Site for 6-16 Year-Olds

Titus Learning’s Stuart Lamour presents Global Goals Education, a Moodle site designed for 6-16 year olds. Stuart walks us through creating an experience that needed to be engaging, and simple to use for both learners and teachers.

Going with the Flow- Reducing Unnecessary Friction in the Learning Experience

In this session, product development managers Ian Blackham and Chris Nelson from The Open University share the ways Moodle has revolutionized the learning experience they can provide for their students. Ian and Chris discuss the context of The Open University as an exclusively online university, and how they have utilized Moodle to enhance their online learning platform. They present their latest approach to reducing any friction in online learning by consolidating tools and where they aim to go next.

These were just a few of some of the great sessions from the first online UK & Ireland Moodlemoot. Have something you would like to add? MootIEUK21 will happen from May 10 – 12 this year! Registration to attend MootIEUK21 & submission to present are now open. Come join us and be a part of it all!