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Home » News » Three Sessions for Moodle Developers from MootIEUK 2020!

Three Sessions for Moodle Developers from MootIEUK 2020!

    This blog post revisits three of the popular sessions under the topic ‘Development’ recorded for The UK & Ireland Moodlemoot, 2020.

    Getting Features into Moodle Core

    Want to add new features to your Moodle Core?

    Look no further! In this presentation, Davo Smith from Synergy Learning gives a simplified step-by-step guide for getting new features onto Moodle Core.
    Davo exemplifies the process using a real feature that he helped to add to Moodle 3.8, which provides the ability to filter the dashboard course overview using a course custom field- MDL-66017.

    Who Develops Plug-Ins?

    In this presentation Titus Senior Developer Marcus Green gives the low-down on Moodle plug-ins! Marcus discusses all things plug-ins. From who it is that actually develops them, to how to spot if a plug-in can be supported and enhanced and if it makes a difference whether they are a freemium or paid service.

    If you are thinking about evaluating plug-in options for your Moodle site, or just curious about the background of Moodle plu-ins check this presentation out!

    Grading Developments with Moodle/Mahara

    Here Catalyst IT EU Peter Spicer fills us in on the ongoing development in Moodle and Mahara, that will improve the overall grading workflow for Mahara portfolios in Moodle.

    Peter discusses the ways in which this new development will significantly improve the process of grading through Moodle/Mahara.

    These were just a few of some of the great sessions from the first online UK & Ireland Moodlemoot. Have something you would like to add? MootIEUK21 will happen from May 10 – 12 this year! Registration to attend MootIEUK21 & submission to present are now open. Come join us and be a part of it all!