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2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot: Day 1

Graphic showing moodlemoot logo and a desktop showing the MootIEUK sponsors, and text reading "Our highlights, Day 1 - Monday 10th"

The 2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot kicked off on Monday May 10th, the first day of the online three day-event!

Moodlers from around the globe gathered virtually, to discuss the latest edtech trends, collaborate and share e-learning ideas and mingle with other educators and developers.

MootIEUK21 was hosted “in the cloud” using a combination of our Moodle site, Zoom Webinar, Congregate Live and Telegram to facilitate online access, live sessions and interactive networking.

Almost all presentations at MootIEUK21 were performed and recorded live via Zoom Webinar. Attendees gained access to the live webinar sessions through a singular Zoom room link for each day.

Please note: all sessions from MootIEUK were recorded and can be accessed on the site by those who have a registered email. We will soon have a solution for those without a registered email to access the site.

Welcome Message and Keynote

The first day of MootIEUK21 opened with some welcoming messages hosted by Gavin Henrick. He was then joined with our sponsors, followed by a Keynote presentation from CEO and Founder of Moodle Martin Dougiamas.


The closing discussion panel for Day 1 of the Moodlemoot featured Mark Glynn (DCU), Gavin Henrick (Brickfield Education Labs), Sam Taylor (Catalyst IT),and Ryan Hazen (My Learning Consultants) speaking on Badges and Microcredentials.


The developer sessions were hosted on a separate DevJam stream, across Monday and Tuesday of the moot. All DevJam session recordings are available for viewing on the Moodlemoot site.

What our Sponsors got up to

This UK & Ireland Moodlemoot would not have happened if it wasn’t for our sponsors. To find out more and get in touch with them, you can check out their sponsor booth pages: Brickfield Education Labs, Intelliboard, Catalyst IT, Enovation, Blindside Networks, Turnitin, Moodle HQ and DCU NIDL.

  • Catalyst IT’s Joey Murison discussed the e-assessment solutions Catalyst have provided for institutions throughout the pandemic in his presentation: Scalable e-assessment solutions.

#MootIEUK21- Day 1

The moot hashtag #MootIEUK21 gained plenty of traction on our social media throughout the 3 days!

Below are some highlights from our attendees:

Screenshot of tweet from Aurelie ‘Dave’ Soulier @EdTechYogi that reads: “#Moodle t-shirt on...coz its #mootieuk time!! Hope everyone has a great three-day conference! I might put a jacket on for my presentation later but I’m not taking off my slippers.” including a selfie picture attached of the user wearing a “Moodler” T-shirt.
Screenshot of tweet from user @MootIEUK that reads: “Check out Renée from the MootIEUK Team’s #MootIEUKSetUp ! We want to see yours, where are you moot-ing from? #MootIEUK21 #Moodle” with an attached photo of a point of view work desk setup showing a laptop, monitor screen, notebook and mug on desk surface.
Tweet from from Aurelie ‘Dave’ Soulier @EdTechYogi in reply to the previous tweet above that reads: “Here’s mine today :) #MootIEUK21 #welcome to my desk under the roof. :)” attached is a photo of a point of view work desk setup showing a laptop, monitor screen, keyboard, lamp, notebook and mug on desk surface.
Screenshot of a tweet from Ryan Hazen @MisterHazen in reply to the previous tweet above that reads: “Hey I think we have the same light #MootIEUK21” attached is a photo of a point of view work desk setup showing a laptop, monitor screen, microphone and lamp on a desk surface.
Screenshot of tweet from Jasmin Hodge @jmdh22 with text reading: “@MootIEUK love immersing myself in the moot can’t wait to attend in person as part of the @Catalyst_IT_EU family #Moooodlecow enjoying @moodler keynote #MootIEUK” including a selfie picture attached of user wearing a “Moodler” T-shirt and holding a toy cow figure.