Gold Sponsor - WIRIS


We develop a suite of mathematical and science tools to help teachers, students, researchers and companies boost their capabilities and digital learning experience. Our tools are official plugins for Moodle: we have achieved 55 Early bird Badges, and we fulfill the Privacy friendly and Automated testing support standards.

MathType, the popular equation editor, is available in Moodle. You can type and handwrite mathematical notation with our leading handwriting recognition technology.

As an instructor, you can save time grading exams using Wiris Quizzes as a Moodle Quiz module for STEM assessments. It offers computer-based grading of math and science questions. Enhance your LMS with mathematical features that make it easier for you as a creator, and for your students as quiz takers.

Let’s talk at Moodlemoot UK & Ireland 2020

One of our International Sales Executives, Tuğçe Ertekin, and our Product Owner, Teresa Muñoz, will be attending the event on behalf of WIRIS. We would like to meet and explain how to boost the learning experience of your students in Moodle with our plugins. If you are already using them, we would be glad if you tell us more about your experience!