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Create interactive questions in a few clicks with our intuitive interface.

Wooclap is an interactive platform that captivates students and measures their level of understanding. Punctuate your courses with our 18 different types of questions to put into practice the active pedagogy! This user-friendly tool can be used in class or remotely, synchronously and asynchronously, and can be integrated within Moodle and other daily apps (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Genially, Canvas, Microsoft Teams…).

Moodle and Wooclap have been in a happy marriage for almost 5 years now. That’s right! It’s a relationship that’s growing stronger by the day, creating an ever more seamless integration of Wooclap into the Moodle ecosystem. You can easily create a list of questions from your LMS and then share them with students, while synchronizing their notes.

Get valuable feedback on your students’ understanding, engage them, and track their progress, all in one place!

18 Different Types of Questions
Whatever your question is, you can ask it to your students in a captivating, fun way. Create polls! Add multiple choice questions! Ask them to pin a city on a map or to show where the femur is! Don’t let anything limit your teaching creativity. Catch, and keep your students’ attention.
The possibility to insert your favorite software (Moodle, PowerPoint, PDF…). Using a new tool is too often annoying: but rest reassured, you don’t have to rebuild your whole class to use Wooclap! You can install Wooclap directly onto your Moodle platform, and add all your slides from Powerpoint or PDF and therefore add interactivity with Wooclap’s questions in them!
Competition Mode
With Wooclap, you’ll be able to turn all your students into winners. They will understand better, be motivated to focus from the challenge of being on the podium! By creating teams and confronting them, you add interest to their learning and really gamify your classes: who doesn’t like a challenge?
Competition Mode
Anonymous Questions
Every student should have the opportunity to ask their questions. Even the shy students. By using the wall of questions, you can allow your students to ask anonymous questions: you’ll be surprised to see how offering them this opportunity will add value to your class with relevant questions.
Wall of Questions
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